Airport left-luggage-office

Conditioned of the Deposit contract and liability limitations

1.- Deposit contract. The ticket/receipt and these clauses are integral parts of the custody relationship of luggage and suitcases delivered from the Depositor to the company Precintados Alicante 21 S.L. (from now and on PV21). By means of said agreement both parties assume the ability to hire and accept the conditions of use of the service.

2.- Price of the service. PV21 undertakes to diligently keep the objects left or placed in charge for their services. The Depositor may consult the prices, weight capacities and measures in the office and consignment of PV21 or

3.- Withdrawal of the deposited. It is custom and commercial use with respect to what is left in deposit that the user of the service (who delivers as the one who removes the consigned) may not be the same person or the owner of the object, as the ticket or receipt constitutes the proof of receipt of the deposit as the crediting element for the return of the consigned to the bearer of the receipt. In case of loss of the ticket/receipt, the complaint lodged with the Police where the description of the articles is, must be facilitated. Failing, the Claimant will sufficiently justify the property or authorization of the deposit. Tested the right on the object, will be delivered the deposited, after completing the corresponding declaration and liquidate the accrued for the services and extraordinary costs generated. PV21 is released from the duty of guardianship and custody by delivering the deposited to the ticket holder or Claimant.  In the case, after the withdrawal of the deposited, if the place/premise is abandoned without opposing or claiming anything, PV21 is exonerated of all responsibility. In that sense, it is the User´s full responsibility review items at the same time they are removed.

4.- Duty of the depository. PV21 only undertakes to guard what was left in deposit without any other use, unless expressly authorized or legal situations of mandatory compliance.

5.- Maximum value of the deposit. PV21 will not custody objects worth more than 200€, being the exclusive responsibility of the Depositor to deliver objects at a higher value. Any assessment that should be made will always be the responsibility of the Depositor.

6.- Assurance. PV21 secures its responsibility in cases of possible damages to the consigned items up to the amount of 200 €. In addition, they are excluded from assurance of PV21 being under the responsibility of the Depositor: the fines and sanctions imposed by the public and judicial administrations related to the belongings or those who carried them, the damages and losses suffered by aircraft, by equipments of loading and unloading passengers and luggage, by x-ray apparatus and ionizing radiation, by infectious, dangerous or toxic elements, by derived from cells, organs, or any organic biosynthetic elements or that derive or have some type of interrelation with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, for damages caused or derived from pollution, contamination, vibrations, noise, waves radiation, electromagnetic or environmental fields, by tobacco and derivatives, for goods that are formed by union, mixing or integration of products from Depositor, and for situations of defense, war, invasion, terrorism, violent acts or assimilated conflicts, rejection, confiscations or expropriations or prohibited objects restricted or limited in the contract.

7.- Prohibitions, restrictions and limitations in the deposited

7.1. Legal deposit. The Depositor in no case will deliver stolen items or from illicit traffic and will take full responsibility on the diligence and legal observance, (especially the one required in air traffic) on control of luggage and belongings such as avoiding any manipulation by third parties.

7.2. Prohibited or restricted deposits. The Depositor will refrain from delivering on deposit:  a) money and products or negotiable financial instruments, b) works of art, antiques, gemstones and other valuables, c) fragile items, d) products without adequate packaging, e) neither objects classified as dangerous specifically by the airport authorities (as containers or sprays with liquid, gas or flammable products, corrosive products, chemicals, toxic and infectious products, explosive products or susceptible to reactive events assimilated, radioactive), f) animals, plants or foods and other perishables prohibited within the European Union, g) firearms or other weapons and devices that shoot projectiles, sharps or sharp objects and other tools that can cause serious injury, h) stolen items or illegal traffic, i) any others that constitute a criminal or administrative offense or that the airport and security authorities conclude within its restrictions. In case of detection of not allowed, restricted or excluded products, PV21 reserves the right to reject them at any time and, where appropriate, communicate it to private security services and to the relevant public authorities without consulting the Client.  If  expenses or charges of any kind are derived from the withdrawal or disposal of such products, will be transferred to the Depositor plus a charge of 100 €. In any case, the Client will not be entitled to compensation or any claim, and PV21 will not be required to return the items in question, being released from any kind of responsibility for it.

8.- Access to deposited objects. Once delivered luggage and belongings the Depositor will not be allowed to access to any item deposited unless it proceeds to pay the service to rescue what was left in custody.

9.- Claims. In case of loss, wrong delivery, no refund or damage on deposited, the Depositor must prove that such an assumption has occurred, and that was caused under the relation of deposit and responsibility of PV21.

10.- Lien. If the Depositor accrues or owes any amount affected or derived from the relationship, PV21 will reserve the right to withhold the deposit until its full payment.

11.- Maximum term of the contract. The maximum term per deposit contract is ninety (90) calendar days from the date of receipt of the personal property by PV21.

12.- Abandonment of the deposit. The Depositor will have left the deposit if he had not proceeded with the payment and withdrawal of the deposited before the ninety (90) days of the contract. Once the term has elapsed, PV21 may liquidate the items for sale, auction, and barter or donate it for charities. If any product is obtained by the liquidation, it will be applied to the payment of the due.

13.-  General conditioned. PV21 reserves the right to make the modifications in the General Conditions that considers opportune without previous warning. This conditioned will be exposed in the PV21 left-luggage offices, and in any case, available to the Depositor and other users.

14.- Data Protection.  The personal data collected because of the relationship, will be treated by PV21 or assigned to third parties in charge or from their group, for purposes of management of legal guarantee, users, accounting, tax, administrative and agreements in accordance with the data protection regulations applicable in Spain (Ley 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre), the User can access and update his data or show his opposition, cancellation or revocation, without prejudice to maintain the necessary elements of the contract or criminal obligations. For this purpose, they may contact us by writing or by email indicating in subject “Personal Data”.

15.- Conflict resolution. All deposits are accepted in accordance with the applicable regulations in Spain, and the parties renounce their own jurisdiction, submitting to the Courts of the territorial jurisdiction of the airport of Alicante-Elche, and in any case to those of Alicante (Spain).

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