Recovering lost belongings.


Contact the Lost Belongings Office

Once they find your missing belongings, they will provide you with a reference number. To contact Click here.

Request a quote

To request the shipment, you must request a quote Access the form by clicking here

Payment of the service and sending of documentation.

You will receive an email with the amount you must pay for your shipment.


Once our staff verifies the payment, your item will be shipped within a maximum period of 48/72 hours, in addition you will be sent a confirmation by email and SMS


1I have lost some belongings, what should I do?
Contact the Lost Objects Office at the airport, for more information information CLICK HERE. / Teléfono: 966 919 444 Email:
2They have found my lost item and I would like to receive it at my address .
We have a delivery service for lost objects, for this you need the reference number provided by the found objects office.
3I already have the reference number, what steps should I follow to receive my object by courier?
First you must fill out the form that you will find on this page, once you have it completed, our staff will calculate the cost and you will be sent an email with the budget of the service plus a link to make the payment.
4What happens if I do not pay?
Your object will remain in the office of found objects and therefore no shipment will be made.
5 When will I receive my shipment?
Once we have received the payment, your shipment will leave the airport in 24-72h, in addition you will receive confirmation through SMS with tracking number.
6Can I pick up my object at the airport?
Yes, for 72 hours you can withdraw it free of charge, once this period has passed, storage will be charged according to the consignment fees.
7 What is the pick-up time?
Our pick-up time is from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm.
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